MUṢḤAF: Jurnal Tafsir Berwawasan Keindonesiaan is published twice a year by the Departement of Qur’an and Tafsir, Faculty of Islamic Religion, Nurul Jadid University Probolinggo, East Java Indonesia.

The journal aims to publish an original academic research on the main topic of the Quran and Tafsīr studies. The subject specializes all issues on Indonesian understanding in Qur’an and Tafsīr, such as Indonesian exegesis, methodological examination of Indonesian scholars to the Qur’an and tafsīr, Indonesian scholar manuscript, the living phenomena on Indonesian Islamic tradition, and all related issues to the interdisciplinary studies of the Quran and tafsīr in Indonesia.


The Editorial Board invites scientists, scholars, professionals, and researchers in the disciplines of the Qur'an to publish the results of their research after the selection of manuscripts, with the peer review and the editing process.


Issue      : Vol 02, No. 01 June 2021

Dealine   : March, 30, 2021


Issue      : Vol 03, No. 02 December 2021

Deadline : Vol 04, No. September, 30, 2021 


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