Irshad Manji on Hermeneutics: Reconsidering Her Method of Interpretation of LGBT-Q Verses in Al-Qur’an


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(1) * Abdullah Muslich Rizal Maulana   (Universitas Darussalam Gontor, Ponorogo)  
(*) Corresponding Author


A Canadian Muslim Reformist, Irshad Manji, has strived to introduce her thoughts concerning the emancipation of LGBT-Q rights around the world. Accordingly, She offered a ‘reformed interpretation’ of The Qur’an to reveal alternatives of theological understanding regarding some verses about LGBT-Q. This paper will enquire Manji’s fundamental idea and the method in commenting and interpreting LGBT-Q verses in the Qur’an, as her endeavor was considered closely similar to Hermeneutics, a method of interpretation developed in the Catholic-Christian World. This paper found the domination of Hermeneutics on Manji’s attempt in understanding the Qur’an constructing her argumentation about LGBT-Q. In the perspective of Science of Qur’an and Tafsir, Manji has manipulated Qur’anic verses to support her campaign emancipating LGBT-Q rights in the whole domains, especially in their sexual expression.


Irshad Manji; Hermeneutics; Al-Qur’an; Tafsir; Ta’wil; Homosexuality; LGBT-Q

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