Author Guidelines

Guidelines for writing articles in Hakam: Journal of Islamic Law Studies and Islamic Economic Law can be seen as follows:


The article is the author's original scientific work and has never been published or is in the process of being published by other media;


The article emphasizes the study of Islamic law and positive law in Islamic countries in general and in Indonesia in particular by emphasizing the theories of Islamic law and positive law and their practice in the Islamic world (See Focus and Scope);


Articles must match the style and template of the journal that covers them;


Authors must submit articles that review actual themes within the scope of Islamic Law and Positive Law, show sharp analysis, update references, and not commit plagiarism. The author must fill out the article authenticity form;


The systematics of the article is:



Author's name (without academic degree), affiliation, and email;

Abstracts are written in two languages, Indonesian and English. Abstract contains a maximum of 300 words;

Keywords, between 3-7 words;


Subtitles (according to the needs of analysis and discussion);



Articles can be written in Indonesian, English and Arabic;


Articles submitted to Hakam are written on A4 paper (Width: 21, Height: 29), Margins (Top: 2.5 cm, Left: 2.5 cm, Bottom: 2.5 cm, Right: 2.5 cm), Garamond 12 pt, 1.5 spaced with 4500 - 6000 words;


Articles submitted to Hakam are written using the Mendeley or Zotero manager reference application with the APA Style format published by the American Psychological Association;


Articles submitted via online submission must contain the article file and academic biodata;


Make sure your article is set up using an article template. Download here the article template.