Social Inclusivity in Teaching: In Pursuit of Students’ Advanced Capabilities


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(1) * Andrew Skourdoumbis   (Deakin University)  
(*) Corresponding Author


The study explores social inclusivity in primary schools in Indonesia, focusing on three main elements: acceptance of student diversity, empowerment of student agency, and establishment of democracy in the classroom. This research uses qualitative methods with case study methods. The data collection process obtained from curriculum documents, lesson plans, interviews, and observations are used to describe existing practices and opportunities for increasing social inclusivity. The collected data were analyzed in depth to illustrate existing practices and opportunities for increasing social inclusivity in primary school education settings in Indonesia. The research identifies three important aspects of social inclusivity: accepting diversity, empowering agency and student voices, and upholding democracy. Although the curriculum recognizes diversity and some teaching practices involve student voices, there is still room to promote more intact democratic practices in the classroom. The implication of this study is to emphasize the need for an equitable and participatory learning environment in the context of primary education. The findings emphasize the importance of acknowledging cultural diversity, encouraging student engagement, and strengthening democratic principles in the context of primary education in Indonesia.


Research Competencies, Islamic Education Teachers, Mentoring Models, Digital Technology

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