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Al-Tanzim : Jurnal Manajemen Pendidikan Islam is published by Islamic Faculty of Nurul Jadid University, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. The journal publishes articles of interest to education practitioners, teachers, education policy makers, and researchers. This journal encompasses research articles, original research report, reviews in Islamic education in any fields including: 1) Leadership, 2) Public Relation Management, 3) Organizational Behavior, 4) Organizational Culture, 5) Human Resource Management, 6) Financial Management, 7) Decision Making, etc.

Al-Tanzim : Jurnal Manajemen Pendidikan Islam has been accredited by the Minister of Research and Technology/Head of National Agency for Research and Innovation as an academic journal, No. 5162/E4/AK.04/2021

Published by Islamic Faculty of Nurul Jadid University, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. E-ISSN: 2549-5720 and P-ISSN: 2549-3663.

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Vol 7, No 4 (2023): IN PRESS

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Enhancing Science Knowledge in Early Childhood through Environmental Exploration-Based Learning Management

(1)  Sarkowi Sarkowi (Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim , Indonesia)
(2)  Abd Hamid Wahid (Universitas Nurul Jadid , Indonesia)
(3)  Sri Umami (Universitas Nurul Jadid , Indonesia)
(4)  Siska Ana Astriani (Universitas Nurul Jadid , Indonesia)
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Nurturing Teacher Leadership: A Principal Strategy to Develop Teacher Leader in Madrasah

(1)  Hidayatus Sholihah (Universitas Islam Sultan Agung , Indonesia)
(2)  Fatah Syukur (Universitas Islam Negeri Walisongo , Indonesia)
(3)  Ismail Ismail (Universitas Islam Negeri Walisongo , Indonesia)
(4)  Zaenurrosyid Zaenurrosyid (Universitas Islam Sultan Agung , Indonesia)
(5)  Zaharah Hussin (University of Malaya , Malaysia)
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Bibliometric Analysis: Developments in Research on Human Resource Management in Higher Education Based on the Google Scholar Database

(1)  Berliana Kartakusumah (Universitas Djuanda , Indonesia)
(2)  Abdul Kholik (Universitas Djuanda , Indonesia)
(3)  Zahra Khsunul Lathifah (Universitas Djuanda , Indonesia)
(4)  Hamurdani Hamurdani (Universitas Djuanda , Indonesia)
(5)  Annisa Noviyanti (Universitas Djuanda , Indonesia)
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Prophetic Leadership in Creating Superior Educational Institutions: Phenomenological Study of Private Islamic Universities

(1)  Hefniy Hefniy (Universitas Nurul Jadid , Indonesia)
(2)  Dina Mardiana (Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang , Indonesia)
(3)  Dwi Enggal (Universitas KH Abdlul Chalim , Indonesia)
(4)  Hasan Baharun (Universitas Nurul Jadid , Indonesia)
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Pioneering Inclusive Schools: The Role of School Principals in Realizing Freedom of Learning

(1)  Muhammad Yusup (Institut Agama Islam Nusantara Batang Hari , Indonesia)
(2)  Kholid Ansori (Institut Agama Islam Nusantara Batang Hari , Indonesia)
(3)  Fitri Nasution (Institut Agama Islam Nusantara Batang Hari , Indonesia)
(4)  Nur'aini Nur'aini (Institut Agama Islam Nusantara Batang Hari , Indonesia)
(5)  Linziatul Maula (Institut Agama Islam Nusantara Batang Hari , Indonesia)
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Strengthening the Image of Islamic Schools Through the AIDA Approach: The Role of Public Relations in Engaging the Community

(1)  Ahmad Tantowi (Sekolah Tinggi Islam Kendal , Indonesia)
(2)  Ali Subchan (Institut Pesantren Mathali’ul Falah Pati , Indonesia)
(3)  Ahmad Munadirin (Sekolah Tinggi Islam Kendal , Indonesia)
(4)  Kadarismanto Kadarismanto (Institu Agama Islam Al Muhammad Cepu , Indonesia)
(5)  Rifqil Muslim (Sekolah Tinggi Islam Kendal , Indonesia)
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